On Page Optimisation

What is On Page Optimisation?

Its the list of things which you do on your website, to Help Google Understand about your website

  1. Make it easy for Google to understand
  2. Make it Efficient

Optimising Code

  • Most of the Code Optimisation is covered in the Technical SEO page

Front End Optimisation

From the user perspective and for better understanding let’s term it as “Front End On-Page Optimisation” ( Which could include and a part of Technical SEO ) .

  • Title Optimisation
  • Header Optimisation
  • Heading Tag Optimisation ( H1, H2,… etc )
  • Making it simple to read
  • Image Optimisation
  • Video Optimisation
  • Content Optimisation

User Experience

User Experience is also important for better ranking.

This is covered in a separate page: User Experience

Conversion Optimisation